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Certifiably consistent

Our Projects

Feel free to browse through our projects but please mind the mind wet paint. We underestimated the work it would take to upload 9 years worth of work.

Or you can inspect our showreel, if you're the kind of person who likes to watch.

"Soap makes digital seem effortless and fun."

~ Nicole Still. Head of Digital Strategy Unilever

  • Recycle Roundup

  • Iron-Man Flight Test

  • Wings Of Fury

  • Great Barrier Grrreef

  • Central Smashdown

  • Elephant Weightlifting

  • Hulk Bad Altitude

  • Zorbatron

  • Treetop Trouble 2

  • Virtual Rockwiz

  • Path Of Fire

  • Iron Man Armoury Assault

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  • Cornetto Enigma

  • 5 Gum: 5X

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